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The optional Driving Assistant Pack is a camera-based driver assistance system that increases safety on the road for you and others around you. It recognises and reports speed limits and no-overtaking zones.

When travelling at speeds between 6 and 37 mph, pedestrian warning and approach control warning, both with light city braking function, warn drivers and automatically brake if a potential collision is detected.

At higher speeds, approach control warning also registers potential collisions with vehicles ahead and preconditions the brakes for faster brake responses and shorter stopping distances. If an accident cannot be avoided, the braking functions help to reduce the impact speed.


Driving Assistant Pack (ZDR)

Additional functionality will now be included as part of the Driving assistant package. Driving Assistant will now include Lane Departure Warning with steering wheel vibration.  Active Cruise Control will include 'Stop and Go' functionality allowing the system to operate down to zero miles per hour.

The package will now also only be available in combination with Automatic Transmission. Driving Assistant package in combination with Automatic transmission will give a different centre console (similar to MINI Electric), which includes an electronic handbrake rather than a manual one.  If package ZDR is not specified the F56, F55, F57 models will continue to have a manual handbrake lever.  This package also requires a wheel style which is 16" or larger, and either Comfort or Comfort Plus Pack.

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